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Sew yourself a gardening apron

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I adore gardening. I love the bliss of working for countless hours, without feeling even a bit tired as I focus on the task. Sure, when I return home, I will simply drop in the couch and feel super tired afterwards. That hasn’t bored me at all. Never.

The one thing that does, actually is the mess. All the dirt and mud I deal with while gardening is really messing up with my nerves. So, I decided I needed an apron. Nothing caught my attention in my quick online browsing and so I decided to match my wish with my other true passion – sewing.

I wanted to sew a gardening apron to cheer me up and keep my tools handy. I’m not an avid sewist, mind you, so I needed something super simple. A quick search found me exactly what I was looking for, and with a stack of fun colored fabric I started my little project.

It was super easy and super fun to sew. There are just few simple straight seams, so if you are a novice or occasional seamstress like me, you would appreciate the simplicity. You can literally whip this thing up in a matter of an hour or so. All you need is a sewing machine, a fabric you love and a bit of enthusiasm.

I have a Brother CS6000i which is literally the best sewing machine for beginners you can find. I also had enough of an old fun fabric handy from a previous project. And I was brimming with enthusiasm!

This makes an awesome gift for a friend too! If you know another gardener that would appreciate the apron, I can tell you this is a perfect gift. In the span of three days, I made three – one for me, one for mom, and one for my bestie. Both were absolutely THRILLED.

It is really simple, and you don’t really need a pattern if you an advanced sewist, but if you are like me, here is a quick video to get you started:

I made half apron, but you could make a full one if you prefer.

As for the fabric, I used 1 yard of cotton duck fabric for the apron body, and ½ yard coordinating fabric for the pocket piece. Then I pinned them together, drew a line with chalk where I wanted the pocket divisions. I sew along the marked lines, though all the layers of fabric and backstitched the beginning and the end to secure the seam.

Finally sew the tie. I fold the fabric in two, pinned the ends together and inserted the sewn apron body in the center of the tie. I finally made a long straight stitch going from the one end , through the middle section where I sew through all the layers of the apron body and the tie, and continued sewing the tie only on the other end.

Voila! The apron was ready, and of course I immediately went out to try it on!

It was super handy! Once again, if you can sew a couple of straight stitches, go make the apron. Here are the step by step instructions I followed. You will thank me later!

Happy gardening!

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Plants and areas

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Produce and gardening tips

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