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Angraecum scottianum

English Books

An Introduction to the Cultivated Angraecoid Orchids of Madagascar by Fred Hillerman, Arthur Holst
Amer Orchid Society (December 1, 1987) ISBN: 9994115545

A Culture Manual for Angraecoid Orchid Growers by Fred Hillerman
Amer Orchid Society; Revised edition (December 1, 1992) ISBN: 9994114786

African Orchids in the Wild and in Cultivation by I. F. LA Croix, Eric LA Croix, Isobyl LA Croix
Timber Press (OR) (November 1, 1997) ISBN: 0881924059

Flora of Madagascar Forty-Ninth Family-Orchids (2vols in 1) by H. Perrier De LA Bathie
Steven D Beckman; English ed edition (December 1, 1982) English ISBN: 0960943404

Flora of Tropical East Africa - Orchidaceae v3 (1989) (Hardcover) by P. Cribb
CRC (June 1, 1989) ISBN: 9061913535

The orchids of Madagascar (Annotated checklist + Annotated bibliography), by David DU PUY, Phillip CRIBB, Jean BOSSER, Johan et Clare HERMANS
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (January 1, 1999) ISBN: 1900347709

Orchids of Malawi (Hardcover) by Isobyl. LA Croix, Eric LA Croix, T. M. LaCroix
CRC (June 1, 1991) Language: English ISBN: 9061918081

Orchids of tropical Africa by Joyce Stewart
A. S. Barnes (January 1, 1970) ISBN: 0498075559

Angraecoid Orchids : Species from the African Region by Joyce Stewart, Johan Hermans, Bob Campbell
Timber Press (September 15, 2006) ISBN: 0881927880

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French Books

Aubert Aubert du PETIT-THOUARS
Histoire Particulière des Plantes Orchidées Recueillies sur les Trois Iles Australes d'Afrique
( Reproduction du livre publié en 1822 )

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